FCP: Exam Authorization Request

The FCP Secretariat will review the information provided in the following Exam Authorization Request. If you are eligible to complete the FCP exam, you will receive instructions from the FCP Secretariat for how to pay the exam fee. The exam fee is due prior to scheduling the FCP exam. The FCP exam is proctored by Pearson VUE. After the exam fee has been paid, you will receive a notification from Pearson VUE with a unique ID and instructions for how to schedule the FCP exam.

Eligibility Requirements

The FCP applicant shall have at least two to four (2-4) years of industry experience in at least three (3) of the five (5) domains of knowledge. The domains of knowledge are:

  1. Analyzing Business Requirements
  2. Validating Business and Technical Requirements for Implementation
  3. Designing and Implementing Business and Technical Requirements
  4. Deploying FIDO Authentication Solutions
  5. Educating Others about Authentication

Exam Authorization Request

Please complete the following form to start the FCP exam process. For more information about the exam, including member and non-member fees, please consult the FIDO Certified Professional Candidate Handbook on the FCP home page.