Webinar: The Future of Authentication for the Internet of Things

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When: March 28, 2017 - 12:00 PM EDT - 1:00 PM EDT
Where: Online

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The rapid expansion of the Internet of Things has fostered convenience and connectedness for consumers. It has also opened the door for creative hackers. Recently, hackers used hundreds of thousands of common internet-connected devices in consumers’ homes, without the owners’ knowledge, to launch a DDoS attack that temporarily brought down crucial parts of the internet’s infrastructure.

Attacks in the past have shown that passwords in IoT devices provide insufficient security.  Additionally, IoT devices are too constrained for implementing biometric functions.

The question then becomes how to authenticate to such devices and can the industry adopt a standardized approach despite a highly fragmented IoT landscape. This webinar, featuring Rolf Lindemann of Nok Nok Labs, will explore how FIDO Authentication can provide convenient and strong authentication in an array of IoT use cases.

Rolf Lindemann

Rolf Lindemann, Senior Director, Products & Technology, Nok Nok Labs