FIDO Security Tech Zone at TRANSACT 2016

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When: April 19, 2016 - April 21, 2016 - All Day
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


The FIDO Alliance recently announced a partnership with ETA (Electronic Transactions Association) to launch the Security Tech Zone at TRANSACT 16, a leading event in payments technology. The Security Tech Zone will feature FIDO Alliance member organizations demonstrating products that incorporate the latest advancements in FIDO-enabled security and authentication. TRANSACT 16 will be held April 19-21 in Las Vegas. Registration is open now at

FIDO Alliance member companies will demonstrate how they are effectively utilizing technology solutions based on FIDO standards that enable payment authentication to be completed more simply and securely, benefiting both the company and the consumer. FIDO is spearheading the movement towards reducing reliance on passwords to enhance the user experience and improve security.

FIDO Alliance members participating in the Security Tech Zone include Egis Technology, Ledger, mSIGNIA, Samsung SDS America, Sensory, Inc., StrongAuth, Inc., SurePassID, Synaptics, Inc, and OneSpan North America.

“At the FIDO Alliance, we understand that trust and confidence are paramount to the payments industry,” said Brett McDowell, FIDO Alliance Executive Director. “Consumers need to trust merchants, and merchants must have confidence in their payments providers’ ability to offer the safest commerce solutions available without compromising the user experience. At the Security Tech Zone at TRANSACT 16, attendees will see first-hand how FIDO standards-based solutions meet these requirements by reducing reliance on passwords while providing a superior and trusted customer authentication experience.”


Brett_McDowell_200x200 Speaker: Brett McDowell, FIDO Alliance Executive Director

Title: Securing Web & Mobile Payments with FIDO Authentication

When: Tuesday, April 19, 11:00am ­- 11:50am

Session Room: South Pacific AB

Description: The growing use of biometrics as a replacement to traditional usernames and passwords offers a robust means to ensuring security for payments across mobile and web platforms. The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance focuses on the development of technical specifications to support interoperability among strong authentication devices and relying parties to authenticate users and help protect user privacy. This session will provide an overview of FIDO methods of authentication and address the tremendous benefits offered by utilizing FIDO­certified solutions for the payments industry.


Egis Technology Inc. is a leading provider of fingerprint biometrics specializes in providing a total turnkey solution with superior sensor performance and software functionality. With over 100 patents worldwide, their proprietary matching algorithm offers one of the best FAR/FRR performances in the current market while providing maximum security and convenience.

Product Description: Our fingerprint sensor, with the addition of our FIDO Certified™ UAF server and client, will bring the authentication and security needed for the safe and secure use of online payment platforms. Our capacitive touch sensor gives you a fast, convenient, and secure way to pay with just one touch. The Fingerprint USB U2F Dongle by Egis combines our fingerprint sensor with FIDO specifications, providing a highly secure device with the fingerprint sensor triggering security based on public-key cryptography. Durable and conveniently sized, just insert it into any USB port and it’ll work with any website that supports FIDO U2F protocol.


Twitter: @EgisTec

Ledger is a hardware security company designing the next generation of secure embedded devices. The company has deployed a popular security solution for the Bitcoin industry and recently introduced Ledger Blue, an enterprise signing device for a wide range of applications such as strong authentication (FIDO), data integrity and privacy.

Product Description: Ledger Blue is a personal lightweight personal security device architectured around a ST31 secure element with a touch screen, compatible with FIDO U2F for USB/BLE/NFC and FIDO UAF. Ledger Blue features an open development platform to create custom security applications and also offers Blockchain oriented APIs.


Twitter: @LedgerHQ

mSIGNIA offers the market’s best­in­class frictionless mobile authentication and device recognition solution, helping businesses limit risk, reduce fraud and enhance the customer experience within their fastest­growing digital channels.

By combining dynamic contextual authentication and intelligent behavior data analytics, mSIGNIA provides a secure user experience for browser access and mobile apps that protect businesses and end users from account takeover, payment fraud and fraudulent account registrations resulting from malware and data breaches.

mSIGNIA’s patented and privacy­compliant security platform provides defense for mobile app developers across a variety of industries, including financial services, e­Commerce, payments, government and

Product Description: mSIGNIA’s iDNA Platform brings the power of Big
Data to mobility through the secure, real­time capture of user behavior
patterns, effectively tethering the device to the user, to predict and
prevent fraud. mSIGNIA’s patented, machine learning algorithms utilize
contextual identity to establish trust between a user and a Web service
through a new form of authentication that is catered to the individual ­
“The New What You Do.” Whether on premises or in the Cloud, mSIGNIA
ingests and learns user behavior patterns, enabling and encouraging
customers to transact business seamlessly across mobile apps and
desktop browsers.


Twitter: @mSIGNIA

Samsung SDS America (SDSA) provides software and solutions for enterprise mobility, security, advanced analytics, mobile sales and training.

We enable our customers in the public sector, finance, retail and other industries to drive business in a hyper-connected economy by helping them increase productivity, solve business challenges, safeguard assets, and make smarter decisions.

Product Description: Samsung SDS Fast Identity Online is the next
generation security solution for mobile devices using non­duplicative
biometric data such as fingerprint, voice, or facial recognition. Samsung
SDS FIDO reduces reliance on PINS and passwords and provides a
convenient, reliable, and secure authentication experience. Use our
solution to increase security and efficiency at call centers or secure
confidential documents so it’s viewed only by the intended party or
withdraw money from the ATM without ever taking out your wallet.


Twitter: @samsungsds

DIGIPASS SecureClick is designed for a seamless and positive user experience, requiring just a single push of a button to authenticate users to a mobile or web application. After launching an application on a PC, tablet or smartphone, the user simply presses the “GO” button on DIGIPASS SecureClick and the authentication process is executed. No other action required.

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