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Webinar: Case Study: FIDO, Federation and ID Proofing

八月 3 @ 1:00 下午 2:00 下午

FIDO authentication is usually not positioned as a means of achieving high assurance Identity proofing but it can be a critical component in best-of-breed remote identity verification. Join this session for a look at how FIDO, Federation and ID Proofing can work together to create a robust identity ecosystem. The solution lays out an architecture for remote identity proofing to create a privacy-preserving credential, using an identity proofing engine based on OpenID Connect, and issuing a FIDO credential used for strong authentication.

Featured Speakers

  • Jerrod Chong, CISSP, VP Solutions, Yubico
  • Andrew Shikiar, Senior Director of Marketing, FIDO Alliance


八月 3, 2017
1:00 下午 – 2:00 下午
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