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FIDO Authentication Pavilion @ Money20/20 USA

October 21, 2018 October 27, 2018 EDT

Money20/20 has quickly become the industry’s leading FinTech & payments conference, bringing together 11,000+ attendees from 4,500+ companies, including 1,500+ CEOs and 400+ speakers.

FIDO will be present on the main Money20/20 agenda and will also be showcasing a FIDO Pavilion featuring several FIDO members on the trade show floor (Booth #1259).


Come see a demo of Aware’s FIDO® Face Authenticator! Aware is a veteran of the biometrics industry, providing a comprehensive portfolio of biometrics software products since 1993 for fingerprint, face, and iris recognition applications ranging from defense and border management to mobile authentication. We specialize in providing for top-tier biometric analysis, processing, and matching algorithms, provided in products that are easy to use with world-class technical support. Our FIDO Client, FIDO Server, and FIDO Face Authenticator products are FIDO® Certified. Our mobile face authenticator performs robust spoof detection and high-performance matching for easy, reliable, secure authentication.




CoffeeBean offers the Social-ID for CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management), a solution to authenticate and to register customers on websites, mobile apps and wifi portals. CoffeeBean – a member of FIDO Alliance – adopts its standard to offer multi-factor authentication and passwordless capabilities. The Social-ID delivers a comprehensive solution for Strong Authentication based on FIDO and OTP. CoffeeBean has developed systems and programs to meet GDPR compliance as a data processor and to support your role as a data collector. We are headquartered in California and hold operations in Germany and Brazil.




NC7000-3A-FS: FIDO UAF1.0 certified client-side biometric authentication platform offers ‘simplicity’ and ‘improvement in customer satisfaction’, along with other advantages like:

  • Better Security: Client SDKs are fortified with the proprietary security features, to protect from Malware & Hacking
  • World-class Accuracy: Globally number-1 NEC NeoFace authentication is used
  • High Flexibility and Interoperability: In an interoperability test conducted by FIDO alliance, NEC was rated excellent. Also all components are in-house developed, hence offers high flexibility
  • Cost effectiveness: Upto 85% of the cost (TCO) can be saved from alternatives/competitors solutions

In this thriving digital world, we will make authentication process SIMPLE, SECURE and SWIFT.




Nok Nok Labs is the leading provider of strong, FIDO-based authentication to organizations with internet-scale mobile and web applications requiring improved user engagement and security. Nok Nok Labs’ software allows organizations to use standards-based authentication that rapidly supports new methods of user authentication. Such methods accelerate revenues through improved user engagement while reducing fraud and avoiding costly password resets. The solution enables organizations to demonstrate leadership by supporting emerging mobile authenticators while avoiding costly development efforts to support new authentication methods. Nok Nok Labs is a founding member of the FIDO Alliance with customers including NTT DOCOMO, Paypal and Alipay.




OneSpan provides a single, open platform for all your security and e-signature needs. Our new Trusted Identity platform protects people, devices and transactions from fraud, while ensuring a seamless digital experience for your customers. This enables you to make bold advances in your digital transformation and exceed customer expectations for transacting anytime, anywhere and on any device. This drives dramatic customer satisfaction, retention, and growth.




Raonsecure Co Ltd (Raonsecure) is one of Korea’s leading ICT security software companies – providing a variety of PC and mobile security solutions to financial institutions, government, and enterprise both on premise as well as in the cloud. Raonsecure supplies security products and solutions, as well as ICT security consulting services to more than 500 customer organizations and its products are used by more than 30 million users. Joining the FIDO Alliance in 2015, Raonsecure launched its TouchEn OnePass biometric authentication solution with the first group of certified FIDO products in May, 2015. Since that time, it has deployed biometric authentication for numerous banks and financial services institutions in Korea. The company has also expanded internationally, with offices in the USA in San Jose, CA and Austin, TX.




StrongKey makes data breaches irrelevant by redefining how businesses and government agencies secure their information against the inevitability of a breach. While other security companies focus on protecting the perimeter, StrongKey secures the core through key management, strong authentication, encryption, and digital signatures—keeping the core safe even with an attacker on the network. Based in Silicon Valley, CA and Durham, NC, StrongKey has provided cryptographic security solutions for over 18 years and is trusted in mission-critical business operations by some of the largest companies in payment processing, e-commerce, healthcare, and finance.




Visa ID Intelligence is an entire ecosystem of authentication technologies and intelligence to help enable seamless and secure customer experiences. The Visa ID Intelligence platform provides issuers, merchants, and processors access to a curated set of authentication technologies:

  • Identity Documents – Make better authentication decisions with document validation and data extraction
  • Biometrics – Meet customer expectations for simpler and more secure authentication with biometrics like face, fingerprint, and voice
  • User Data – Compare customer-provided information with verified data sources
  • Device Data – Simplify customer authentication with device profiles using hundreds of device attributes




October 21, 2018
October 27, 2018
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