Get started with essential patterns

Patterns are self-contained experiences that can be combined to match your unique business needs.

Optional patterns

Start with the two Get Started patterns and add optional design patterns based on your own unique business needs.


10 UX principles and 3 content principles for passkeys.


Resources like events, UI kits can help jump-start your work with passkeys.

User experience research

Have confidence the guidelines are informed by Design research.

Quick starts

Key concepts

  • Let your team know the guidelines are informed by rigorous UX research with end users.
  • The FIDO UX Working Group created the guidelines and is comprised of 128 people from 32 companies around the world.
  • The Design Patterns are the heart of the Guidelines and FIDO Alliance adds new Design Patterns regularly.
  • There’s a rich community of people like you who attend FIDO events. The events are a great place to learn how your peers use passkeys.
  • The Figma UI Kit contains the editable UI you see in the Design Patterns. Use the UI Kit to jumpstart your own prototypes.
  • You can help FIDO Alliance by submitting a talk, co-hosting a webinar with FIDO, or join the FIDO UX Working Group.

Steps to get started quickly

  1. Step 1: scan the design principles and share the principles with your team. 2 minute read
  2. Step 2: learn why to start with two required patterns. 2 minute read
  3. Step 3: copy FIDO’s Figma UI Kit to your environment and invite your team to it. 2 minute task
  4. Step 4: view the upcoming FIDO Design events and register for one. 2 minute task