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“Everybody deserves to move from password hassle”

TrustKey supports simple, convenient and secure login to computer, server and online web service accounts using FIDO security keys.

TrustKey strives to be the recognized leader in secure authentication and IoT security solutions worldwide. 

We will lead the market for passwordless authentication with a variety of vertical solutions providing a more secure and private world for all people, everywhere.


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TrustKey Security Keys

Trustkey Security Keys

TrustKey security key is a USB hardware authenticator made for FIDO authentication.

Certified with the new FIDO2 standard, TrustKey provide the benefit of fast login and a strong protection against phishing, account takeover as well as many other online attacks.

Moreover, TrustKey is compatible with all the major web browsers where WebAuthn is implemented, and works seamlessly on many online sevices.

It is the world’s first FIDO 2 Level 2 security key.

Strong key management

Provide physical security 

Restricted operation environment to resist cyber security attacks

Secure manufacturing environment

World Class Biometric Algorithm


FIDO Server

 Specification :FIDO2

Sepcification Version : 2.0

 Implementation Class : Server

 compatible with any FIDO standard security key


Trustkey Login solution

 Provide clients with most secure and convenient way to login to their machines – PCs

 Turn Legacy Password platform into Passwordless

The full breadth of authentication use-cases supported – Cloud, On- Prem, Standalone, Remote, Virtual environments, Access to cloud apps, Offline access

 Easy to deploy because our solution works with existing environment

 Secure, convenient and affordable – no worries of passwords being stolen and no hassle of changing and remembering passwords

 Compatible with Identity Management Systems (on-prem and cloud)

 Industry standard based technology


TrustKey Login Solution

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