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At rf IDEAS we create simple and straightforward solutions for complex authentication problems

rf IDEAS stands as a vanguard in the arena of logical access solutions, serving diverse sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, government, education, and enterprise. The company’s globally trusted WAVE ID readers and ConvergeID Passwordless Platform enable organizations with leading identity and access management solutions. These readers and software facilitate innovative solutions for single sign-on, secure printing, time and attendance, visitor management, and mobile authentication, and are compatible with nearly all physical and mobile credentials worldwide.


We are helping organizations by:

– Offering a software solution that makes converting your existing credentials – physical ID badges or mobile – into FIDO2 security keys simple and streamlined

– Achieving the highest levels of security with no additional credentials to purchase or carry – and no passwords required

– Bringing FIDO2 convenience and security to the industry’s most trusted RFID credential readers including:

WAVE ID® Plus Mini 

WAVE ID® Plus Mobile Mini 


WAVE ID® Nano 


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Raul Cepeda Jr., VP of Product & Marketing
Gourgen Oganessyan, Head of Strategic Alliances