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Approximately 90% of Fortune 500 companies use HID solutions today to power the trusted identities of the world’s people, places, and things. HID enables millions of employees across the globe to securely access physical workspaces and digital resources through the industry’s broadest range of authentication methods, form factors, and security standards.

HID is proud to be a member and contributor to the FIDO Alliance’s groundbreaking effort to reduce the world’s reliance on passwords through stronger authentication standards.


HID® Crescendo®: Unlock doors, data and your business applications

HID offers enterprises the opportunity to address unique and diverse use cases and ensure a future-proof approach to authentication, whether FIDO is already part of their strategy or something they plan on gradually bringing to part of their workforce. Offering the best user experience without compromising on security is key, and most of the time it starts by offering the right security for the right user. To achieve that, enterprises need to work with a vendor that not only has the technology to address a variety of use cases, but also the experience to manage transitions and multi-technology environments. 

HID is an end-to-end FIDO provider – we offer authenticators (methods and form factors), contact and contactless readers able to read FIDO authenticators, and backend authentication through the Authentication Platform; we provide device-bound passkeys and enable platform-synchronized, or “synced” passkeys.


Crescendo Smart Cards – The convenience of one card for physical and digital access

A single, universal credential — a corporate badge that offers both physical access to facilities and passwordless access to digital enterprise resources, like workstation login and network access.

Crescendo cards HID


Crescendo Security Keys – Reader-free passwordless authentication

Crescendo Security Keys offer strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) and passwordless authentication that enhance remote access security, eliminating the need for a smart card reader for employees on the go.

The Crescendo USB-A and USB-C Keys utilize Near Field Communications (NFC) while offering a convenient form factor that complements laptops and tablets.

Crescendo Security Keys (USB-A & USB-C)


HID Crescendo Portfolio

FIDO2, PKI/PIV and OATH – enabled smart cards and security keys for secure access to workstations, networks, business applications and data.

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