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Since 2015, Crayonic has developed and manufactured award-winning, secure digital identity products and solutions for enterprises, healthcare providers, and governments. Crayonic products are designed, developed, and manufactured in the EU with an emphasis on security, privacy and balanced with a superb user experience.


Crayonic KeyVault™ is a multifunctional external authenticator usable with any device via USB, Bluetooth, or NFC. Utilizing decentralized step-up biometrics – fingerprint, voice, handwriting – to enable passwordless login and digital signing of documents (QES). All via FIDO without the need to install any additional client app. 

The Crayonic solution includes a secure backup and recovery of keys using a multi-party computing scheme. We also support legacy use cases like PIV, X.509 certificate issuing, and password management (via Bitwarden integration) to facilitate a smooth transition to becoming a passwordless organization.

Crayonic KeyVault™ is a FIDO2 L1 certified device that relies on a CC EAL5+ certified secure element for cryptographic operations. The KeyVault utilizes embedded machine learning algorithms to authenticate the user via voice and handwriting (PIN/passcode), recognizing both the content as well as unique biometric characteristics. The KeyVault provides all three factors – possession, knowledge, and inherence – in a single secure and offline device, and it can also serve as a physical access key.

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