FIDO TechNotes: A Detailed Look at FIDO U2F v1.2

Written by Megan Shamas on .

Yuriy Ackermann, Sr. Certification Engineer, FIDO Alliance The FIDO Alliance is  pleased to announce the release of the FIDO U2F version 1.2 specification. Since the last two versions, there’s been structural changes, improvements, updates and new security features. Below, we take a detailed...

Certification Update: FIDO Certified Products Top 360

Written by Megan Shamas on .

Adam Powers, Technical Director, FIDO Alliance The ecosystem of products supporting FIDO Authentication continues to expand, with the number of FIDO® Certified devices pushing past 360. The FIDO Certified program provides assurance of compliance to FIDO standards, and has been a central component...

Q&A with FIDO’s latest Board Company, Raonsecure

Written by Andrew Shikiar on .

Today, the FIDO Alliance is pleased to welcome Raonsecure to its Board of Directors. In this Q&A with Dongypyo Hong, Raonsecure’s Chief Alliance Officer, the FIDO Alliance learns more about how the company is driving innovation for FIDO authentication in Korea and beyond. Tell us a little...