Case Study Series: Google Security Keys Work

Written by Andrew Shikiar on .

This addition to our case study series is a contributed post from Google, summarizing a recent paper and study by Google’s Juan Lang, Alexei Czeskis, Dirk Balfanz, Marius Schilder, Christiaan Brand, and Sampath Srinivas. At Google, we prefer to make data-driven decisions based on statistical...

US Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity Calls for an End to Password-based Breaches by 2021, Highlights the Importance of FIDO Standards

Written by Megan Shamas on .

Brett McDowell, executive director, FIDO Alliance With a new President about to take office in the U.S., it is still unclear what specific actions his administration will take to improve cybersecurity. According to a new report published late last week by a prestigious, non-partisan commission...