April 13, 2020

2020 FIDO Hackathon: Goodbye Password Challenge in Korea

Joon Hyuk Lee, APAC Market Development Director, FIDO Alliance

Editor’s Note: We began the Hackathon program last year to support the local developer community and drive market adoption of FIDO Authentication standards in Korea. The 2019 FIDO Hackathon was a hybrid of a three-month-long mentorship and a service development competition, which unlocked the potential of FIDO protocols along with unexpected positive outcomes. Please visit the following blog postings to learn more about 2019 FIDO Hackathon:

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The FIDO Alliance Korea Working Group is thrilled to announce the opening of  online registration for the 2020 FIDO Hackathon – Goodbye Password Challenge in Korea. 

The program can be simply summarized as following three phases:

LEARN – Learn how to adopt FIDO protocols
IMPLEMENT – Implement FIDO protocols into participants’ online services
CHANGE – Change to simpler and stronger FIDO authentication

Now, let us walk through the three simple phases.

Once the registration closes at the end of April, those who qualify will be invited to the online learning stage created by the FIDO Alliance Korea Working Group Technical Sub-Group. Toward the end of the LEARN phase, participating teams will be given a very easy online assignment. Those who score in the  top 20 will be invited to the next stage. The LEARN phase is scheduled to be completed by the end of June.

The IMPLEMENT phase will take place in July, inviting the top 20 teams to one-day, in-person events. Participants will fine-tune their service developments in the morning with hands-on support by FIDO experts from FIDO Alliance members. In the afternoon and evening (if necessary), participants will  go through onsite evaluation. In case there is still a concern for public health in summer, we have prepared various backup plans, including completely converting the event into multiple online evaluation sessions over a period of time.

At the annual multi-day FIDO Seoul Public Seminar in early September, the top 5 teams will show how they have made the CHANGE to simpler and stronger FIDO Authentication, followed by award ceremonies. The top five teams and finalists will receive trophies and certification of completion, and over KRW20,000,000 worth of gifts and prizes.

Dr. Daniel Ahn, the Co-Chair of FIDO Alliance Korea Working Group would like to welcome local developers to join the 2020 FIDO Hackathon with following remarks:

“Due to the recent global public health concerns, the needs for simpler and stronger FIDO authentication will be increased due to the increasing demands for ‘untact’ and remote working technologies. Building upon the success of 2019 FIDO Hackathon in Korea, the FIDO Alliance Korea Working Group members will diligently prepare yet another meaningful event for local developers.”

On behalf of all the sponsors of 2020 FIDO Hackathon, Mr. Junho Shin, the Co-Leader of FIDO Alliance Korea Working Group Public Policy and Certification Sub-Group, would like to share a few words:

“Without knowing what would happen early this year, we began preparing 2020 FIDO Hackathon to be as much virtual as possible, for possible global-scale program expansion in upcoming years. Therefore, we are technically and operationally fully prepared to run this event without any public health concern, so those who consider joining the program would not lose the priceless opportunity to showcase their talents to the world.”

We thank you for your continued interest and support for FIDO Hackathon – The Developer Support Program and welcome you to visit our official registration site by clicking the 2020 FIDO Hackathon banner below:

실외, 녹색, 표지판, 거리이(가) 표시된 사진  자동 생성된 설명

More resources on the event:
Click here to download the RFP (Request for Participation).
Click here to watch YouTube contents (e.g. Intro, Welcome Remarks, FIDO Spec Updates, How to Join)

Special thanks to following sponsors:
Signature Sponsor: Ministry of Science and ICT | Telecommunication Technology Association
Gold Sponsor: Samsung Electronics, BC Card, eWBM, AirCuve, Octaco, CrossCert, PSEF

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