This document supports the FIDO Authenticator Certification program.

The fields in the Authenticator Metadata will be the primary method of communicating Authenticator Certification status and details about implementations to Relying Parties (RPs).

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Table of Contents

1. Notation

The key words “MUST”, “MUST NOT”, “REQUIRED”, “SHALL”, “SHALL NOT”, “SHOULD”, “SHOULD NOT”, “RECOMMENDED”, “MAY”, and “OPTIONAL” in this document are to be interpreted as described in [RFC2119].

1.1 Version

This document specifies version 1.1.0 of the metadata requirements.

2. Introduction

This document reflects the Metadata Requirements for Authenticator Certification.

Mandatory fields are required to be evaluated by the FIDO Security Secretariat (Level 1), or the FIDO Accredited Security Laboratory (Level 2 and above) and submitted to FIDO Security Secretariat as part of the Certification Request. Submitted metadata will be verified to be an accurate representation of the implementation.

Submission of Metadata to the FIDO Metadata Service (MDS) is optional, and can be done after recieving FIDO Authenticator Certification. If Metadata is submitted to MDS, the elements marked herin as Mandatory (and applicable to the product type under certification) must be submitted and must match the Metadata submitted to FIDO during Authenticator Certification.

For each field listed in this document an Application Note is provided. All these fields are described in [FIDOMetadataStatement] and/or [FIDOMetadataService] document.

Functional Metadata Fields

The following Functional Metadata Fields are Mandatory for Authenticator Certification when applicable.

Field Application Note
VerificationMethodDescriptor Applicable to all.
verificationMethodANDCombination Applicable to all.
AAID Applicable to FIDO UAF.
AAGUID Applicable to FIDO 2.0.
attestationCertificateKeyIdentifiers Applicable to all.
description Applicable to all.
authenticatorVersion Applicable to all.
protocolFamily Applicable to all.
upv Applicable to all.
userVerificationDetails Applicable to all.
attachmentHint Applicable to all.
isSecondFactorOnly Applicable to all.
tcDisplay Applicable to all.
tcDisplayContentType Applicable to all.

3. Security Metadata Fields

The following Security-related Metadata Fields are Mandatory for Authenticator Certification when applicable.

Field Application Note
CodeAccuracyDescriptor Applicable to all.
PatternAccuracyDescriptor Applicable to all.
EcdaaTrustAnchor Applicable in the case of ECDAA attestation
attestationRootCertificate Applicable in the case of ECDAA attestation
assertionScheme Applicable to all.
authenticationAlgorithm Applicable to all.
publicKeyAlgAndEncoding Applicable to all.
attestationTypes Applicable to all.
keyProtection Applicable to all.
matcherProtection Applicable to all.
isKeyRestricted Applicable to all.
isFreshUserVerificationRequired Applicable to all.
certificationDescriptor Applicable to all.
certificateNumber Applicable to all.
certificationRequirementsVersion Applicable to all.
cryptoStrength Applicable to Authenticators certified at L2 or above
operatingEnv Applicable to Authenticators certified at L2 or above

4. Biometric Metadata Fields

Providing the biometry related Metadata Statement field [FIDOMetadataStatement] is not mandatory for passing FIDO Authenticator Certification at L2 and below.

Field Application Note
BiometricAccuracyDescriptor Applicable to the FIDO Biometrics Component
selfAttestedFRR Applicable to the FIDO Biometrics Component
selfAttestedFAR Applicable to the FIDO Biometrics Component
maxTemplates Applicable to the FIDO Biometrics Component
maxRetries Applicable to the FIDO Biometrics Component
blockSlowdown Applicable to the FIDO Biometrics Component

5. Use of Metadata Service 1.1 Status Dictionary

SRWG recommends the use of the Status Dictionary to report the issue dates of Certifications within the array of status report entries. Default status to as “not FIDO Certified” and status is updated to include Certifications as they are achieved. Each Certification would have a separate entry.

A. References

A.1 Normative references

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